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Optima Travel was founded in 1992 in New York City by a wonderful hardworking man. Since then, Optima Travel has and continues to dedicate time and effort to provide our customers with the lowest affordable airfares available between USA, Central America, South America, Mexico & the Caribbean. As a traveler, your air comfort is key. Therefore, our company includes a majority of well known airlines capable of being booked to your preference, just ask one of our members regarding your airline choice and our staff will make every effort to accommodate you. For many years, we have taken charge by protecting the identity and security of our clients by optimizing our website and network with top security ensuring our customers privacy. Optima Travel is always growing by taking in reliable personnel whom are more than willing to find the best available options to satisfy your trips. Our team is bilingual offering services in Spanish and English. It is always a pleasure to offer you our services and most importantly it is our duty to provide our customers with affordable, attentive and accommodating services so they may always travel comfortably. We wish you a safe and wonderful trip to your destination!

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